Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping and Delivery Policy:


We currently offer free shipping for orders above ₹3000. Please also note that:

  1. All delivery dates are estimates only.
  2. Shipping charges vary according to serviceability of the customer’s address.
  3. Shipping charges may be reduced or be waived under certain offers and/or conditions. However, this is upon our discretion and can be changed at any time.
  4. Cash on Delivery (COD) is no longer available for all orders, unless otherwise specified during the purchasing process.
    • Please note that cancelling COD orders after have been dispatched will either entail a penalty of ₹___ or will result in COD services being suspended for a certain duration for that customer or address. If such activity persists, we will terminate the COD option for that particular account.
  5. Deliveries will be considered complete after the customer receives the product package and shares the One Time Password generated by us to the delivery agent.
  6. In case of incorrect or damaged deliveries, customers are requested to retain all original packaging and accessories in order to make the returning process easy and successful for both us and themselves.


  • ONLY products returned due to damage or incorrect delivery (i.e., customers receiving products different from what they had ordered) will be refunded from our end in full. Our team will carry out an inspection and appraisal of the returned products before determining whether they qualify for a refund.
  • If your return request is found eligible, you will get the refund to your respective account within 5 to 7 days after approval.

We currently do not entertain any other requests for returns or exchanges.

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