Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a statement of how BagMyBook will identify, access, store, and retrieve relevant information of users and customers on our website and all other proprietary platforms. Gathering such information is necessary for the optimal functioning of our business and of our proprietary digital assets and platforms. It enables us to improve our commercial performance competitively and offer the best value to our highly appreciated customers.

We respect the privacy, security, and comfort of users and strive to minimize the sensitive and personal user information we collect, and commit to protecting it sincerely. In this policy, we share the types of information we collect, the modes of disclosure of the same, and the extent of your agency as a user and/or customer to control the flow of such information.

Classification of information collected by

1. Personal Information

  • This refers to information that identifies you personally, such as name, contact details (mobile number, email, social media profile), address, etc.
  • Gender, age, and location provided by user-permitted GPS access
  • Personal information may be entered on the user end and/or be provided to the

representatives or employees of BagMyBook.

2. Account information

  • Users have the option of creating accounts on BagMyBook in order to enjoy a personalized shopping experience and interact with the brand as unique people. · By creating accounts, users agree that we will have access to the username, password, mobile number, profile picture, and any other identifiable information that belongs to them and has been voluntarily uploaded. · History of orders (whether completed or active), record of return and exchange activity · Promotional offers, coupons, code, etc. availed under the particular user account 3. Purchasing information: · Users’ purchasing preferences in terms of genres, authors, format, and individual titles. This information is used towards analytics and marketing, among other purposes. · Payment mode preferences and frequency · Credit/debit card numbers, VPA id, Bank Account information · Billing address linked to each order 4. Contact and Communication: · All communication between users/customers and BagMyBook (its representatives or employees) will be recorded and monitored for quality control, training, and reference purposes. · We also maintain records of issues flagged by customers and steps taken to resolve the same · Communication can occur telephonically and electronically 5. Device and Internet: · Our website maintains a record of the device, web browser, and IP address through which individuals access and use its services and features · This is for the purposes of reporting to internal stakeholders and improving our business performances by conducting targeted marketing and deriving other actionable insights Purpose of data collection and storage: BagMyBook collects, sorts, stores and retrieves your data for— · Showing product and merchandize recommendations · Displaying Advertisements based on patterns of user activity · Furthering business objectives by planning and strategizing based upon measurable data · Personal information of users may be utilized for purposes of fraud detection and loss prevention.
  • We will be obliged to share aforementioned user information with law enforcement and other governmental authorities if so required · We may utilize this information in the interests and safety of individual customers and the user community associated with BagMyBook, as a whole We undertake to never sell or maliciously utilize the user information provided to us, outside the purposes stated above. Means and Sources of Data Collection: · Provided directly by users: o By filling forms with personal information o By creating user accounts and updating user profiles o Through reviews, comments, and other forms of engagements on our proprietary website and social media o By communication with our representatives and employees o By availing discounts and promotional offers o By making purchases · Provided indirectly by users: o Device and internet information specified in (5) o User information and activity categorizers by third party providers of online advertising and third party providers of analytics services related to activity and engagement on our proprietary platforms and assets (website and mobile app) o Cookies, web beacons, tags and website log files that are created automatically and will be notified to the user/customer, giving them the option of opting out and thereby exit the site.
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